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Two Monkeys Travel

Two Monkeys Travel

Kach Medina and Jonathan Howe are working-on-the-road couple from the Philippines and UK. Having each decided to quit their jobs and set off around South East Asia to start their new lives, neither imagined they would end up traveling the world with someone they met in a backpackers’ bar in Laos. But that’s what happened! They are both certified Tantra Yoga Teachers, Ayurveda Massage Therapists and TEFL Certified Teachers. Working wherever and whenever they want! Travelling since April 2013 and currently exploring South America. their next major travel goal- Antartica via Argentina. The Two Monkeys Travel Group is a travel website and blog started by Kach Mu (Philippines) and Jonathan Howe (UK). It’s all about their experiences of travelling around the world since April 2013 (non-stop). Topics include Expats Life, DIY guides; Jobs-on-the-Road, Teaching English Abroad and Funding travel techniques. They have different travelling style tips ranging from backpacking and flash-packing to luxury travel. Their readers are mostly from the Philippines, USA, UK and Middle East (UAE, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain). GUEST WRITERS/ GUEST POSTS SPONSORSHIP EXCHANGE DEAL / REVIEWS ADVERTISING – Sponsored Posts, Text Link Ads, Banner Ads BLOG COLLABORATION INTERVIEWS If you need a representative in South America, the White Monkey and the Brown Monkey would be your best bet as they plan to be based here for at least 3 years! The other Monkeys are also based in different countries around the world so please feel free to ask us! All other inquiries, please send us an email to: kach@twomonkeystravelgroup.com Do you need Travel Advice, Tips? Looking for Travel Buddies? Join our Facebook Group Community – Filipino Travelers/Backpackers (Around the World) We hope you enjoy reading about the Two Monkeys adventures and experiences as much as they enjoy making them happen! If you want to contact the Monkeys, shoot them an email at kach@twomonkeystravelgroup.com Some of their adventures around the world!

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