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The Chicken Club

The Chicken Club

Renee Morgan and Angela Marie Delveccio, two post-divorce women, single-parents, and best friends are taking a stand. No longer willing to slide through life, they’re determined to shake things up. Accepting how far they’ve come will be an eye-opening experience. Facing full-figured bodies and dulled, lackluster features is only the beginning. Those things are easy to fix. It’s the deeper issues that need the most work. Starting with a celebratory fat dance, these women learn to reinvent their lives. Mayhem ensues when they venture into the dating world and find less than stellar results which force more realistic goals. Through their daily journey, Renee and Angela discover they don’t need successful romantic relationships to achieve happiness. With the combined strength of their alliance and a group of compassionate girlfriends they’ve aptly named The Chicken Club, they find that this delightful group will band together to take on the world, one problem at a time. And sometimes, learning to love yourself is the hardest lesson of all.

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