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A Return to Glow

A Return to Glow

Return to Glow



“In her early forties, Chandi Wyant’s world implodes in the wake of a divorce and traumatic illness. Determined to embrace life by following her heart, she sets out on Italy’s historic pilgrimage route, the Via Francigena, to walk for forty days to Rome.

Weakened by her recent illness, she walks over the Apennines, through the valleys of Tuscany, and beside busy highways on her 425-kilometer trek equipped with a nineteen-pound pack, two journals, and three pens.” 

This is a testament to the movement called  “Girls Power” Who would have thought that after a divorce and traumatic illness,  an almost middle-aged woman would set out on Italy’s historic pilgrimage route to walk for forty days to Rome.



With a boundless passion for Italy, she brings alive the history of the route while leading the reader on her inner journey as she finds sustenance and comfort from surprising sources.

“Chandi’s search for herself is both ubiquitous and yet singular; her unique voice and honest self-examination speak to our shared humanity as we question our mistakes and seek to find passion, love, and fulfillment on our Hero’s Journey through life.”

“Her thoughtful reflection on her short-comings reveals a strength of mind and heart, which really drew me into her experience. Her internal struggles are very relatable, and she gracefully avoids becoming a victim of her circumstances. I love this book and the lessons it contains.”  Return to Glow a recommended read for anyone seeking, searching for inner strength or wanting to test the power of their resolve.   

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