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Remembering Montana

Remembering Montana

Montana is a land known for soaring vistas, towering mountain peaks, and a rich heritage. Whether showing a mountain in Glacier National Park, or depicting a street in Missoula, these photos tell stories that celebrate the people of Big Sky Country. There are images of cowboys and loggers and miners, of course, but also of shopkeepers and schoolchildren and other ordinary citizens who made their home in Montana and helped to build the state. With a selection of fine historic images from his best-selling book Historic Photos of Montana, Gary Glynn provides a valuable and revealing historical retrospective on the growth and development of Montana. More than 125 photographs in Remembering Montana offer a window into its vibrant past and celebrate the unique history of America’s fourth-largest state. Ride along as photographers document life on the state’s Indian reservations. Witness the birth of Montana’s rough-and-tumble cities. Sit back and enjoy the stories these photos tell, stories rich with the majesty, grandeur, and colorful history of the Treasure State.

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