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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico. Leisure Travel Guide. One of the most famous resorts, the country is also rich in magnificent architectural landmarks, beautiful nature resorts and great choice of entertainment centers. The best way to start your acquaintance with Puerto Rico is to visit Cordillera Central, where you will find several ancient cities hidden among mountains and green hills. Travelers are welcome to participate in excursions to the piedmont region, climb up to the snow-capped mountains and walk in centuries-old forests. Yabucoa is a small town famous for best beaches and close proximity to a beautiful nature reserve named Bosque Estatel de Carite. There are as many as three rivers in the territory of the reserve Rio Grande de Patillas, Rio de la Plata and Rio Grande de Loíza, which banks are truly picturesque and perfect for fishing. Don’t forget to include visits to San Cristobal Canyon and unique forest Toro Negro Reserve into your excursion program. The forest covers an area of more than 7 thousand acres and provides shelter for 700 types of plants and over a hundred of different bird and animal species. Cabo Rojo is also a great destination for fans of nature sights. It is located in the southern part of the country. The lighthouse named Faro Los Morrillos de Cabo Rojo has become a symbol of the area. The lighthouse is equipped with an observation deck, from which visitors will enjoy beautiful panoramic views. Cabo Rojo will be a perfect choice for travelers who seek beautiful secluded bays, lush park zones and plenty of space for walking. The famous Bahia Fosforescente (Phosphorescent Bay) is located to the east from Cabo Rojo. This bay attracts thousands of visitors due to unique properties of local plankton. Every evening one can see how coastal waters start shining in a mysterious way. Such natural phenomenon is very rare. The piedmont region is home to the Arecibo Observatory, which is famous thanks to the oldest radio telescope in the world. The telescope keeps functioning and is used to study distant objects in space. Not so long ago the Museum of Science and Space was opened in the observatory. Visitors of this place will learn more about the latest achievements of scientists. Don’t forget to visit Rio Camuy Cave Park and Ceremonial Park on your way back from the observatory. The park was founded by the Taíno Indians 800 years ago. Various religious ceremonies, celebrations and important events of the tribe took place in this park. Several buildings and temples have survived till our days. Finally, old buildings and interesting museums can be found in the city of San Juan, which historic heritage is protected by the government

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