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Live Like a Local in Loja

Live Like a Local in Loja

Loja, known as the “cultural capital of Ecuador,” is capturing the attention of the world for its climate, friendly people and rich culture. Live Like a Local in Loja is packed with honest, practical information and resources for traveling and living in Loja, stories from an expat’s experience of living in Latin America and Loja, descriptions of the city and surrounding towns, tips for integrating with the locals, a guide for learning Spanish, and more. A companion website includes photos, videos, and links to relevant resources. Live Like a Local in Loja contains all the information you need to visit Loja, Ecuador for a short term trip and learn whether Loja might be a good fit for slow travel or permanent residence. The book covers a wide range of topics and answers many questions, including: TRANSPORTATION Getting to Loja, and getting around in Loja once you’re there. Do you need a car? How does the bus system work? How much to the taxis cost? How easy is it to travel between cities? SHOPPING Cost of food and the best places to shop. How much will your groceries cost? What kinds of stores are available? How and where can you find the best deals? CULTURE AND LANGUAGE How to learn Spanish and make friends. How much Spanish do you need to know? Is it easy to make friends? How can you best adapt to the culture? Is it safe? HOUSING Finding a place to stay, short term and long term! Where can you stay while you’re house hunting? Are there furnished apartments in Loja? How much are the utilities? WEATHER Loja’s climate and what to bring. Does it get very hot or cold in Loja? How humid is it? Does it rain a lot? What kinds of clothes should you pack to be comfortable and fit in? THINGS TO DO AND SEE Landmarks and activities in Loja and surrounding towns. Are there regular cultural events? What kinds of activities and sights can you enjoy around Loja? What readers are saying: “I read your book in about 45 minutes! I only intended to breeze over a few pages, but became so engrossed…could not put it down! You covered so much info from housing to food and everything in between…I loved it. Thanks so very much for writing such a great book.” Lee Jones “I wish to thank and commend you for the excellent book and the bonuses you’ve sent. Since purchasing your book and reviewing the website, I spent a couple of days visiting Loja and surrounding area. All of your information is so helpful, and whether I decide to spend more time or relocate, my experience is improved by your support and guidance.” Ralph Pearson “Last November I bought your Loja book and my wife and I read that as well as your blog. We moved to Ecuador February 1st… Thanks for writing the book. It has been extremely helpful in getting settled in our new home.” James Hansen Lily Ann Fouts grew up in Latin America and lived in Loja on two separate long-term trips. She drew on knowledge from her own experiences and information from interviews with locals and expats in Loja to compile this informative book. Lily loves Loja and Latin America, but it isn’t the right fit for everyone! She hopes that this honest book will help you discover whether it’s a destination you would love to visit or consider calling home, and if so, that it will be a valuable guide to you as you explore and settle in.

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