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Exotic Snowbirds

Exotic Snowbirds

The “Exotic Snowbird” series — published in separate e-books with each book based on a different overseas “snowbird” location — is meant for retirees or soon-to-be retirees who wish to travel somewhere other than to the southern United States for the winter. This series will not provide you with tourist and/or travel information, which is easily attainable elsewhere, but instead will offer “nuts and bolts” information on how to live for three months in each of the locations presented: what to do at home to prepare for your trip, how to get an apartment, where to buy your food, how to get around once there, etc. This specific mini e-book from the “Exotic Snowbirds” series offers Peru as a place to spend the winter. It focuses on two different locations within Peru: Arequipa (a city in the Andes) and Miraflores (a district in Lima). Come travel with us and become “exotic snowbirds.”

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