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Cerulean Seas

Cerulean Seas

Merely days after her thirtieth birthday, Jessica Hart has been forced by circumstances beyond her control (attempted murder and homelessness) to move back in with her parents and begin the painful process of rebuilding her life, starting with getting a job. As she endures the rejection of multiple job interviews, and her parents irksome attempts to marry her off to the most eligible bachelors in town (meaning unmarried and able to string simple words together to form a sentence), she feels herself sinking into a deep depression. To top it all off, it’s been three weeks since she’s heard from the ever elusive Eric Wolf. But, she could swear she saw him the other day at the Gas ‘n’ Go. And, who was that strange man built like a rhino on steroids who followed her around the mall last Tuesday? Just when Jessica can’t take it anymore, her cousin, Barbie O’Grady, invites her on the vacation of a lifetime to Phuket Island. Her parents tell her not to go. Her brother, Greg, tells her not to go. And, the airport TSAs seem to have banded against her. Before they know it, the cousins are pursued by strange men, kidnapped, drugged, and stranded in the Jungle by an elephant named Bessie. Now, Jessica and Barbie have questions that need answers before they turn up dead, or worse.

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