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The Borscht Belt

    Have you ever wanted to go back in time while being in the future? When was the last time you had that feeling? If you have ever wanted to experience such a feeling The Borscht Belt Revisiting the Remains of America Jewish Vacationland, may just be the soft tool to “dash” you with […]

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A Return to Glow

Return to Glow     “In her early forties, Chandi Wyant’s world implodes in the wake of a divorce and traumatic illness. Determined to embrace life by following her heart, she sets out on Italy’s historic pilgrimage route, the Via Francigena, to walk for forty days to Rome. Weakened by her recent illness, she walks […]

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The Mysteries of Easter Island

  Easter Island is famous for its 887 monumental statues. Nobody really knows who made those statutes, or how or why. New Theories are being advanced, new studies made and new books published about this all the time. It is the only book that adequately explains how the giant statues were created and how they […]

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Fodor’s Philadelphia

    Written by locals, Fodor’s travel guides have been offering trusted advice for all tastes and budgets for 80 years. Fodor’s Philadelphia highlights the best the City of Brotherly Love has to offer: famous historic sites in Independence National Historical Park, world-class museums along Ben Franklin Parkway, and the ongoing culinary renaissance. Every recommendation […]

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Act Alive and Ask Wendy

Ask Wendy Go ahead . . . ask her anything Over the radio and now on her popular TV talk show, Wendy Williams has always been approached for her blunt, in-your-face words of advice. How’s she doin’? “Ask Wendy” has become more than just a fan-favorite TV segment; it’s her calling card. Wendy has helped […]

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The Buy Side

The Buy Side     A mesmerizingly immersive journey through Wall Street’s first millennial decade, and a poignant self portrait by a young man who surely would have destroyed himself were it not for his decision to walk away from a seven-figure annual income, The Buy Side is one of the best coming-of-age-on-the-Street books ever […]

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