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Caribbean Vacation

Caribbean Vacation

Caribbean Vacation is a true story of a family, Caribbean cruise vacation, that took place in the mid 1960’s. A seven-day cruise that stopped in Haiti, San-Juan, St. Thomas, and Nassau, with each day filled with unbelievable times and quite memorable adventures. The story takes a family on their first cruise all the way from leaving their Michigan home, to Miami, to the Caribbean Islands. Our family traveled all over the United States including Canada and Old Mexico, but never on a Cruise Liner. The family business, selling mobile homes in lower Michigan, was extremely slow in the winter months, so locking the door, and taking all of us boys out of school, even taking Grandma with us, started our Christmas holiday early for a month. I have enjoyed putting these memories into book form by narrating to my son, in a way that everyone will enjoy the Caribbean Vacation as much as I and my family. The story has its difficulties and why wouldn’t it…it’s a 1960’s Family, taking a 1960’s Vacation on a 1960’s Cruise for their first time, Caribbean Style.

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