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Baby Can Travel

Baby Can Travel

Newly updated 2019-20 EditionWe understand how precious your time is, so we made Baby Can Travel: Anywhere quick and easy to read. This new & improved “second child” edition shares the lessons we learned traveling with our second baby and his older toddler sister around the world. This book covers everything you need to know about traveling with a baby and toddler, from trip planning to making the most of your vacation, including: Improve Your Trip: * Learn how to keep your baby happy and developing while on your vacation.* See and do more on your vacation days with our many time saving tips. * Anticipate the developmental stage of your ‘future’ baby to be prepared for their needs while on the trip.* Tips on booking flights and accommodations best suited to your family’s needs. Build Your Confidence: * Relax and not fear the travel days. It’s not as bad as everyone says!* All you need to know about breastfeeding in public, eating out with a baby, etc.* How to travel safely with your baby.* Learn from us with honest and realistic accounts of our experiences.

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