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A Journey to the Interior of the Earth

A Journey to the Interior of the Earth

Professor Otto Lidenbrock and his nephew, Axel, decide to undertake the journey of a lifetime when, in an old manuscript, they uncover the location of a passage to the interior of the Earth. With the help of an Icelandic guide, the intrepid party venture deep into the Earth, where they discover an unimagined world populated with strange and fearsome creatures. Originally published as Voyage au centre de la Terre (Journey to the Centre of the Earth), Jules Verne’s classic adventure story remains one of the author’s most noted works of science fiction. Be it mystery, romance, drama, comedy, politics, or history, great literature stands the test of time. ClassicJoe proudly brings literary classics to today’s digital readers, connecting those who love to read with authors whose work continues to get people talking. Look for other fiction and non-fiction classics from ClassicJoe.

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