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Malaga A Great Place To Visit In Spain

Malaga A Great Place To Visit In Spain

Beautiful Malaga, a Sea Port city with so much historical significance, is a great place to visit in Spain.

Malaga, historically has much to offer as much has occurred in and around there.

It’s a history the city, has been able to take advantage of by providing an opportunity for visitors like you to explore and learn.


Fortunately, they have been wise to preserve many of what has occurred around there and the ruins, that are located throughout the city.

We are talking of ruins from when it was founded by the Phoenicians to when it was ruled by the Moors.

Those ruins alone can make Malaga a great place to visit.



But Malaga’s, beauty is beyond just ruins, it has a wide selection of churches and palaces for you to enjoy too.

Some of these churches display architecture from different eras.

They have remnants of Moorish and Roman architecture that can be observed in various areas.

By now you are probably asking what else is the city known for?


Well, it is the largest Spanish city on the Costa del Sol, on the Mediterranean Sea.

As such Malaga has a climate symbolic of the Mediterranean area.

But that is not all, it is also known as the birthplace of the famous Spanish artist, Pablo Picasso.

On top of that the city offers miles of beaches, hiking trails, architectural sites, art museums, and excellent shopping and cuisine.


You won’t believe how much there is to see, learn and enjoy until you visit Malaga.

Since around 2010, it has grown in popularity with foreign and national tourism, …

by more than 10%, as reported by the city‘s tourism tracker project.


Areas Of Sightseeing In Malaga


The Cathedral View in Malaga Spain


One area on your visit that may leave you in awe is the Cathedral in Malaga. It’s an out of this world beauty, with its two chapels and stalls.

The Catholics started building it in the 1400’s but it wasn’t finished until the mid-1700’s with much of its architecture being visible from the later time period.

Click this link for cultural visits information and tickets one or more of the 60 tours to the Cathedral.

There is also the, La Inglesia del Sagrario, which is another church you may want to visit that was finished in 1448 on the site of a mosque.

It contains many different sculptures for you to enjoy.


Santuario de la Virgen, is another beautiful old church which contains the tombs of the counts of Buena Vista.

It is very elaborate and the most wonderful sight to visit.

There are also quite a few museums that you must visit while you are in the city.

These are the museum of Popular Art and Culture as well as the Museum of Art.


Attractions In Malaga, Spain


Distant view of Nature’s Port in Malaga Spain.


The King’s palace is known as Alcazaba. It has many wonderful works as well as items to take in and observe while you are on your visit and enjoy your trip.

The Castillo de Gibralfaro, is another item located near the palace. It was constructed by the Phoenicians and contains much architecture and things to see.

In the summer  Malaga, gets more lively, bursting daily with many different music festivals that occur throughout the city.

There is much for you and your party to enjoy and take in while you are in town.


One of the music that is much revered and to is enjoyed is the Flamenco music.

It helps propel Malaga’s nightlife that is enjoyed in many sections of the city that are filled with the many different clubs and bars.


Malaga Cool Beach

If you love being seaside, you will find that many of these bars and restaurants are near the beaches especially on the Costa del Sol.

I can’t explain how much there is to enjoy with the many different clubs and varieties of daytime and nightlife to enjoy in Malaga.

Incidentally, it is one of the greatest places to visit in Spain.

Just a side note, because of Malaga’s newfound popularity you may have some reservations or simple stereotype that has been…

cited by someone who has probably never visited Malaga beach.  You would be surprised how easy it is to conjure such thoughts as cited by Indiana Jo.


He stated, “Earlier this year, I stared into the face of my own stereotypes about Malaga, a Spanish city I was convinced (without having visited) was riddled with Brits abroad and tourists of a kind that were…not my kind. When I arrived, I couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised and yet fundamentally wrong with my assumptions. It turned out to be both a great destination and an exercise in learning to visit places with an open mind.”

Indiana Jo

In closing, please remember, there are many cuisines to enjoy in Malaga, primarily of the Mediterranean style and they have quite a wide variety of other foods to enjoy as well.

Oh! What the heck, go ahead and put Malaga on your must-visit list in Spain.

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