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39 Great Florida Retirement Towns

39 Great Florida Retirement Towns

Florida continues to be popular with retirees, thanks to its favorable tax structure, warm weather and beautiful beaches. Not all Florida towns, however, are created equal. Many of the beach towns are very expensive, and many of the affordable towns have a high crime rate. Here we look at thirty nine Florida towns that are worth considering for retirement. Some of these are well known. Many are lesser known. Nineteen of them have a cost of living that meets the national average or is less than the national average. Twenty of these towns have a cost of living that is higher than the national average. The towns with the lower costs are not fancy places, but they are comfortable, and they have a crime rate that is below or equal to the national average. The upscale towns have amenities and a quality of life that are worth the higher costs. In each town, we look at population, median home price, percentage of people age 45 or better, medical facilities, transportation, climate, political leanings and more. And because no place is perfect, we also note each town’s drawbacks.

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