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2020 March

White Sands

From “one of our most original writers” (Kathryn Schulz, New York magazine) comes an expansive and exacting book—firmly grounded but elegant, often hilarious, and always inquisitive—about travel, unexpected awareness, and the questions we ask when we step outside ourselves. Geoff Dyer’s restless search—for what? is unclear, even to him—continues in this series of fascinating adventures […]

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The Monocle Travel Guide to Paris (Updated Version)

There’s the food, the culture, the architecture, the art–Notre Dame and Montmartre and the Louvre–and then there’s the side of Paris you’ve never seen, until now. Paris: the city of love, the city of light –the city everyone thinks they know from movies and books. But there’s more to this vigorous new-old metropolis than Notre […]

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Ballad of the Whiskey Robber

DESCRIPTION: Elmore Leonard meets Franz Kafka in the wild, improbably true story of the legendary outlaw of Budapest. Attila Ambrus was a gentleman thief, a sort of Cary Grant–if only Grant came from Transylvania, was a terrible professional hockey goalkeeper, and preferred women in leopard-skin hot pants. During the 1990s, while playing for the biggest […]

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Looptail is Bruce Poon Tip’s extraordinary first-person account of his entrepreneurial instincts to start and develop G Adventures, the highly successful international travel adventure company – and along the way he reveals his unusual management secrets that not only keep his employees fully engaged and energized but also keep his customers extremely happy. His unique […]

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Wild Escape

A crime reporter’s thrilling account of the infamous 2015 prison break, manhunt, and capture based on interviews with one of the inmates who pulled it off. On June 6, 2015, inmates Richard Matt and David Sweat escaped from Clinton Correctional Facility, New York State’s largest maximum-security prison. The media was instantly obsessed with the story: […]

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Big Wednesday (Deluxe Anniversary Edition)

Big Wednesday, based on the cult 1978 film by the same name, follows three California beach buddies begin to realize there is more to life than waxing down their surfboards as they ditch their alcoholic and unruly ways to go fight in the Vietnam War. When they reunite ten years later, they find that things […]

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The Chicken Club

Renee Morgan and Angela Marie Delveccio, two post-divorce women, single-parents, and best friends are taking a stand. No longer willing to slide through life, they’re determined to shake things up. Accepting how far they’ve come will be an eye-opening experience. Facing full-figured bodies and dulled, lackluster features is only the beginning. Those things are easy […]

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Lona left her husband behind, and followed the sun to Florida. She took fl ight, like a migrating bird, and lay on the hot sands, hungry for love. She lived like there was no tomorrow. But her nights of revelry ended in loneliness. She wandered all over the continent, searching for something she never found. […]

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A Canoe Trip

Describes the many parts of a canoe trip, including packing, paddling skills, camping, and safety GBS_insertEmbeddedViewer(“G1tGO1HwpssC”, 500,400);

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1,000 Places to See Before You Die (Deluxe Edition)

Patricia Schultz curates the world. When she published the original 1,000 Places to See Before You Die, she created not only a new kind of travel book but also a new way of thinking about our experiences and interests. Now Schultz captivates our hearts in the same compelling way her original book spoke to our […]

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